Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beck Recounts his Effort to Unify Religious Right Leaders

Glenn Beck is the guest all this week on James Robison's "Life Today" television program where he is discussing his book on on George Washington and other issues in between crying jags over how much he loves America.

Today, Beck recounted the first meeting he organized several years ago where he gathered together some thirty Religious Right leaders to tell them that God was calling them all to stand together in order to save this nation. That meeting eventually gave rise to the Black Robe Regiment and Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally on the National Mall, as Beck began to implore the leaders to come together and take a stand, just as Martin Luther King had done ... non-politically, of course:[1]

(YouTube link)

What better way to bring about unity than to find common ground amongst a spiritually uncommon people.  Upon closer examination, Beck is trying to use an ecumenical god, and a communitarian/New Age trick, to save it.

Note that Ralph Reed had something to do with the support of the Religious Right Wing meeting. If you recall, Ralph Reed attended a 2004 Bilderberg Conference meeting in Italy. I'd say they're more interested in unifying religions for the purpose of world government, than to hold our country together. Especially considering the comments James Robison made on his program to Father Jonathan Morris:
"I believe that I am going to get to see, and be a part of, Jesus prayer for us to have a oneness with the Father, and to see a perfectness and perfection coming from a supernatural unity. The world will know that we are His disciples because of our love, and I think I'm going to see that." 
The part that he leaves out is his involvement with the CNP, and that they have actually furthered the one world religion. James Robison and Glenn Beck are part of the religious system of the Antichrist, and they are leading the audience into a system of religion that is compromising - all for the sake of false unity.

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