Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Submerging Church - Trailers

Pastor Joe Schimmel is the founder of Good Fight Ministries, and the senior pastor at Blessed Hope Chapel, an evangelical non-denominational fellowship in Simi Valley, California. His newly released DVD, The Submerging Church, focuses on many of the leaders within the Emergent Church movement. Since the release of his trailer, Good Fight has released additional scenes from the production.

I've been impressed with the productions Pastor Schimmel has done in the past, but I don't know if he's a member of the so-called discernment network, which is really a controlled opposition movement. He's been in Chris Pinto's productions, and I have my doubts about him. By posting the DVD excerpts, it is not an endorsement of Pastor Schimmel.

The Trailer

(YouTube link) (Contains disturbing scenes.) 

Contemplative Prayer, Mysticism, and Kundalini

(YouTube Link)

More research on Kundalini: The False Holy Spirit.
A list of Christian colleges that promote Contemplative Prayer.
A list of Christian colleges that do not promote Contemplative Prayer.
More Research: Transcendental Meditation vs Contemplative/Centering Prayer: A Comparison

Rick Warren, Emergents, and Muslims

(YouTube link)

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