Monday, January 9, 2012

Awakening 2012: The Conservative Veil

The veil of a deceptive system.

Veil - n. - Something that conceals, separates, or screens like a curtain: a veil of secrecy.

There has been a long-time veiled agenda of the Religious Right Wing. While the occult elite control each political party - and both sides of each conflict - they have done this in order to obscure and advance world government.

Illuminism has enlisted dupes and willing agents to assist in the revolution. With the evidence accumulated by researchers from both conservative and liberal camps, it becomes obvious that the future dictatorial leaders are residing in all the political parties. This evil agenda is hidden behind well-known politically-oriented Christians, as well.

 Nazi Family Values

The truth is that Hitler was part of an elaborate scheme that made him appear to be a Christian. He actually hated Christians passionately, but he ran in a political party that supported the return to traditional family values. He rallied political conservatives, and they accepted him with open arms. It was a grand hoax, and only a small minority of the Church could see the truth. The trusting Sheeple that they were, never checked to see if their favorite candidate was telling the truth, or had evil alliances.

The boy next door, clean-cut appearance fooled many. Within the symbolism of the political poster, an eagle hovers against the seeming light of heaven over an idealized Hitler. It parallels the dove descending on Christ when he was baptized by John the Baptist.[2]The position of his clenched fist is one of rebellion and revolution.

Take note of the new Republican National Committee 
and the downward pointing stars.

 Sen. McCain and Sarah Palin were on the family values ticket. McCain was instrumental at writing the newly passed National Defense Authorization Act, which shreds our legal rights.

Awakening 2012 

Uniting our Voices around Shared Values
Turning Voices into Votes 
~Freedom Federation [1]

The Freedom Federation, a network of conservative faith-based organizations, will host its “Awakening 2012″ event in Orlando, featuring a list of Right Wing conservative names as their “invited speakers.”

Presidential candidates Michele Bachmann (who has now dropped out of the race), Rick Santorum, and Rick Perry have been invited to Awakening, which will be held April 19-21, 2012 at Calvary Assembly in Winter Park. According to Freedom Federation's website, Tony Perkins, Cindy Jacobs, Rick Joyner, Don Wildmon, Janet Porter, Richard Land, Vonette Bright, Chuck Colson, Lou Engle, Mike Huckabee, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and two devout Roman Catholics have been invited.

Note the line-up of ecumenical/political figures/Dominionists/false prophets and Knights of Malta members. Each, simply by their attendance, agree with ecumenism, and their undying support of protecting Zionist Israel - a plan of the secret societies.

In part, their unspoken goal is toward the visible unification of the Church at the cost of true doctrine. Unity of the Church has been a longtime goal of the Roman Catholic church and the World and National Council of Churches. These groups have done little to stop the ecumenical blend, and have fully supported the efforts of the Religious Right Wing. Who are these change agents within the Freedom Federation?
"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."  
Matthew 10:16