Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Call: Awaken the Dawn

"The Call" is headed for Fredericksburg, VA, for a rally scheduled on May 26, 2012. 

(YouTube link)

Note the urgency is the voice of Pat Robertson, as he tries to rally the sheeple.

The Call, in cooperation with the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace, share their organizations missional vision, to take dominion of the world for Christ. But when you cut away the rhetoric and outward Christian appearances of The Call, what remains? The answer to that is in the title of their gig; they desire to awaken the dawn of the New Age.

Ironically, The Call has received $166,000 of funds from the National Christian Foundation, who was founded by CNP-member Larry Burkett. The organization is now being headed by Tom Bradford, who helped found the Alabama Policy Institute, a conservative public policy “think-tank” affiliated with CNP's Focus on the Family.

Another twist is that Lou Engle was once a roomate with Senator Sam Brownback (R., Kansas), who was also a member of the secretive group known as The Fellowship. Perhaps Lou Engle was a member of this Fascist group too.

Knowing this, note all the calls for revolution and change The Call desires. Their motives are not pure.