Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alex Jones: 'Anders Behring Breivik was Masons' Patsy'

Alex Jones gives an interview to RT News concerning the terrorist attack in the Norwegian capitol. The shooter was a Freemason, so Alex gives us some insight on the agenda of this secret society. He goes into detail about the letter written by Freemason Albert Pike, who laid-out the Masonic plan for three world wars - with the last war between Christianity and Islam.

(YouTube link)

One Closing Note
Whenever you have people like retired Lt.Gen. Jerry Boykin, Walid Shoebot, and Brannon Howse's conference speaker Usama Dakdok, you have to wonder if they are being used by the government to demonize who the Muslim's are. They do in fact worship a false god and their scriptures are demonic, but so are all cult religions. We, as Christians, should be more focused on reaching out to them, than how we'll protect ourselves against them. They have every right to be upset with our country.