Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Brannon Howse Doesn't Smell Like a Rose - 2/2

Christianity and politics have become intertwined in our culture, more now than ever before. We have been fed heavy doses of viewing our patriotic duty by voting for the candidate that supports initiatives reflecting our Christian worldview.  We have been told that voting for a particular political party, or supporting professing Christian politicians in their quest for office, will hold back the evil agenda of the Democratic party. Where did today's Christian get such a notion?

 Brannon with President Ronald Reagan's Attorney General, Ed Meese

Christian Reconstructionism
Christian Reconstructionism is a religious and theological movement within Evangelical Christianity that calls for Christians to put their faith into action in all areas of life; within the private sphere of life and the public sphere as well. Christian Reconstructionists call for a total infusion of Christianity into government, law and private life. It’s a complete return to “God” in an effort to retake and save the Nation from secularism and free thought. Mainline Christian churches have become a launching pad in the "battle for dominion." 

You can be assured that every time you hear an elected official or candidate speak of “the US as a Christian Nation,” “bringing God back into our country," “the devout Christianity of our Founding Fathers,” “the term ‘Wall of Separation’ is not in the Constitution,” and other key phrases, their objectives are suspect. They base their ill-informed decisions upon misinformation circulated by change agents.

Many see theonomy of Reconstructionism as a significant form of Dominion theology, which is a type of theocracy. Theonomy posits that the Biblical Law is applicable to civil law, and theonomists propose Biblical law as the standard by which the laws of nations may be measured, and to which they ought to be conformed. Many seek a future earthly "Kingdom of God" in which much of the world is converted to Christianity.

Brannon with Oliver North, Freemason/CNP

Although Reconstructionists say their theology and objectives are different than that of Dominion Theology, they are two sides of the same coin. Both of their objectives are to control. They are two groups singing the same tune. This is because many who support the views of Reconstuctionism also use the Seven Mountains of Dominion Theology to plan their takeover.

Reconstructionism + Dominion Theology = War

Brannon with Congressman J.D. Hayworth

Brannon with "Third Way" Newt Gingrich

Religious Right-wing
Republican candidates hope to gain the support of a group of voters called the "Religious Right-wing." The Christian Right-wing is an informal coalition of numerous groups, mainly Evangelicals and Fundamentalists. Often, this is something with which Christians don’t mind being associated. Yet, this association—however honorable it may seem—puts Christians in alliance with some of the nation’s most influential false teachers.

Do you consider yourself as a Right-wing Fundamentalist Christian, or are you a Christian Fundamentalist? If you believe you are a Right-winger, you unknowingly claim to be politically-motivated first and a Christian second.

If you are a Christian Fundamentalist, you uphold traditional Christian beliefs first, in the face of many modernist challenges. Fundamentalists (some, but not all) are marked by their desire to be separate from the affairs of the government, and view themselves as serving the Kingdom of God, not the kingdom of this world. Jesus made it clear when he said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” (John 18:36).

When you look at the big picture, being politically involved prostitutes the role of the Church in the world. The Church simply cannot afford to be a voice for political change; that is not its commission. The Lord Jesus Christ was not crucified to make society more fair.

 Brannon with former CIA Director James Woolsey

Brannon's Involvement with the Government 
"And we beseech you brethren, to know them which labour among you..." (I Thess. 5:12)

As you will see in this series of photographs, Brannon is one of many Christians who are heavily involved with the government and political world. He has a sure presence in Washington, DC. I had already pointed out in part 1 that I believe Brannon may be a Freemason, based upon his Masonic pose in his website portrait, his many Masonic guest conference speakers, and that he could possibly be a change agent for the Council of National Policy.

Although I have no proof, I believe he is being used to help deepen the dividing line between Evangelical and Christian Fundamentalists, only to later silence the fundamentalists. While he has helped to expose error in the Church, he is actually helping to fulfill a more sinister plan. 

He was my hero when he taught against Dominion Theology, but he makes no connection to the similarities of Reconstructionism - and the fact that it's a Christian version of Sharia law. His politics concerning Zionist Israel is no different than that of our Washington representatives.

In Closing
In the following PBS Frontline episode of God in America, the research points directly to the time when politics and religion became intertwined. At this convergence, you will find Billy Graham, then later Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson - all Freemasons.

Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.

Every nation rises and falls according to God’s will, and America will be no different. In the meantime, let us live uprightly, preaching the truth of God’s Word. Whatever form our Government takes, we are called to submit as model citizens, not only to obey, but to obey with a spirit of meekness. Let us honor those in charge (1 Pet. 2:17), that evil might not be spoken concerning Christ. If they that perish criticize us (1 Pet. 2:12), let it be for our faith and not for our politics.

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