Thursday, July 14, 2011

Walid Shoebat: Christian Convert or Homeland Security Fake

(CNN) CNN reported Wednesday that a so-called terrorism expert that is paid with tax dollars and has even appeared on their own network may be a fraud.

Walid Shoebat claims he converted to Christianity after years as a Palestinian Liberation Organization terrorist who once helped firebomb an Israeli bank in Bethlehem. But CNN’s Jerusalem bureau could find no proof that that his story was true. The Israeli police and the bank had no evidence that a firebombing ever took place.

Even members of his family doubt his story.

“I have never heard anything about Walid being a mujahedeen or a terrorist,” Walid Shoebat’s fourth cousin Daood Shoebat said. “He claims this for his own personal reasons.” (CNN Story)

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700 Club Interview with Walid
A while ago, I did a post on the Muslim Brotherhood to see if they were truly a terrorist organization. Weighing the information that I found, I believe that the Muslim Brotherhood is not as big and powerful as the media is portraying. They are basically moderate Muslims looking for modernization in countries living under great control.

The following interview with Walid portrays the Muslim Brotherhood as a great power that Israel will have to reckon with. He makes all Muslims seem like pure evil - which I know if far from the truth. Many of the countries have been held back from modernizing, because of the fear the US has about third world countries establishing nuclear power.

Please note how Walid's accent fades in and out. I know that many Christians will not believe this report about Walid, and they will believe it is an assault by the media on his ministry. I believe they did their research and validly found him a fake. The wavering accent in this and other presentations says a lot.

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We Must Stand With Israel
In an interview with Sid Roth, there is a montage at the beginning of the video. The overwhelming message is, "We must stand with Israel." This is the bottom line of his work and efforts!

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