Monday, February 14, 2011

Lt.Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Jerry Boykin: The Church Must Rise Up

In a New Year's Conference presentation at Rick Joyner's church, Retired Lt. Gen. Boykin fuels the lie that our founding fathers were Christian men (10:00) and that the Church is called to build God's kingdom on earth (15:15). General Boykin speaks about how the Church has been passive for too long, and challenges believers to rise up and become a mighty army. (Video link)

In another more recent Morningstar TV video, General Boykin warns that the media has misrepresented what is occurring with the Egyptian revolution. He explained that Mubarak came into power only after Anwar Sadat was executed by the Muslim Brotherhood; brought about by negotiations with Israel, culminating in the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty. Boykin claims that Egypt was a Christian country before Mubarak, at least until it was overtaken. Mubarak has kept the Muslim Brotherhood suppressed since being dictator.

Gen. Boykin goes onto explain that there are presently two countries in the Middle East that are run by Democracy; Israel and Iraq - with the remaining being ruled by dictators. He does not believe that the revolution in Egypt was being driven by pro-Democracy proponents. This is because of the new Muslim Brotherhood leader and the recent statements and actions this new leader has taken.

The one interesting thing he did have to say is that Marxism and Islam run parallel, up to a point. If you look at the theologies of both, they look very much alike.

Concluding Remarks
A few days after Mubarak's resignation, the media is still calling Egypt's new government a Democracy. Although Gen. Boykin viewed the Muslim Brotherhood as a threat, perhaps he was trying to wake-up and rally Rick Warren's dominion group with the scary reality that one day they might have to live under the authority of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was the anti-Muslim rant that any a Freemason would have loved.

In his presentation, he commented that Egypt was once a Christian country, but this is not true. Christianity has always been a small minority in Egypt.

After a little research, I learned who Lt. Gen Boykin is. According to Wikipedia:
"In 2003, Seymour Hersh claimed in the New Yorker (US) that Boykin was a key planner behind Rumsfeld's Special Forces approach to fighting the War on Terror. Furthermore, when Boykin was questioned in a congressional inquiry regarding similarities between current War on Terror special operations and USA's Phoenix Program during the Vietnam War, he said: "I think we’re running that kind of programme. We’re going after these people. Killing or capturing these people is a legitimate mission for the department. I think we’re doing what the Phoenix programme was designed to do, without all of the secrecy." [It was an assassin squad.]

In 2005, Seymour Hersh also claimed that the US had begun to undertake secret, off-the-books, covert missions in Iran to identify key targets for possible strikes in destabilizing their nuclear facilities, and against the larger War on Terror, with the chain of command for the commando operations falling to Rumsfeld, Cambone and Boykin. Hersh claimed these allegations came from "very, very senior" sources, but the Pentagon sharply criticized the article stating that "Mr. Hersh's article is so riddled with errors of fundamental fact that the credibility of his entire piece is destroyed."
As you will see in the Wikipedia write-up, Boykin has long identified Islam as being the enemy. We already know that this is a globalist plan that goes back to Freemason General Albert Pike. So, this should make us wonder if Lt. Gen Boykin is working undercover for the CIA to further the Masonic plan, or perhaps he's brainwashed from working too many military blood baths. My conclusion is that he was fear-mongering at the Morningstar church to rally the New Apostolic Reformation crowd, since there was never any mention of globalism. He must be thinking, "There is nothing like a good battle between the Church and the world!"

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