Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI: Is He Really That Tired?

The Pope faces the ancient phallic symbol from Egypt. 
Obelisks are dedicated to the false sun god.

Shortly after announcing his resignation, Pope Benedict XVI waved to a crowd gathered in Saint Peter's Square. In a surprise announcement, the Vatican has said that the Pope will resign on February 28 -- the first pontiff to step down in nearly 600 years. What is significant in this development?
  • The Pope seems to be following a scripted plan, and has stepped down in order to fulfill St. Malachy's Luciferian prophecy to make way for the 112th Pope
  • February 28th may hold some significance. According to Fritz Springmeir, the number 28 is important to Cabbalists - making it a very powerful number on a Magical calendar system. He adds that it is likely the number 28 has occult connotations that go back to Babylonian magic.[1]
  • Based on the same writings of Fritz Springmeir, the Feast of the Beast may also play into this. A papal conclave will elect the successor, who will be in place by the end of March - perhaps by March 24th.[2] According to one occult calendar, the Feast of the Beast is held on March 24th.[3]
  • Pope Benedict looks like a spring chicken compared to Pope John Paul II.
 Shot of Pope John Paul II shortly before his death.

 Shot of Pope Benedict XVI- today.

Lastly - 
  • Tom Horn's Petrus Romanus book has uncanny timing! As he mingles with many of the teachers of the apostate church, several CNP members, Luciferians posing as Christians, and pre-tribbers - it almost makes you wonder if he's a Luciferian taking orders from the ranks above. (See update below)
I'm hanging on the edge of my seat. I can't wait to see what happens next!

 "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, 
transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ." 
2 Cor. 11:13

Note: Not an endorsement of Fritz Springmeir or the information contained within the occult sites that one link leads to.

Update: Apparently, Tom Horn and Cris Putnam wrote the book Petrus Romanus using Jesuit material. See the post titled "The Petrus Romanus Scam" on Ephesians 5:11's blog.

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