Monday, August 1, 2011

The Black Pope Remembered by Pope Benedict

The Jesuit Order was created to combat and overthrow the Protestant Reformation. It was founded as a military order by Ignatius of Loyola in 1534, and still exists as a secret society today. Over the ages, their ultimate mission has continued to be the return of separated brethren (Protestants) back to the Catholic fold.

The Jesuits came to be known as the “Special Forces” for the Vatican.[1] Within less than a century of their formation, the Jesuits became an elite society of spies, assassins, and intellectuals, hated and feared by governments and kingdoms around the world.

Based upon the research done by Chris Pinto for A Lamp in the Darkness, and his information on the Jesuits:
  • During WWII, it was the Jesuit Order that put forth that "the building up of the Third Reich...unites a national-socialist state to Catholic-Christianity." The goals of of the Jesuit Order has continued to have the same goals as it did when it was formed...destroy the Protestant church and have the Catholic church to be the only church. 
  • The Jesuit Order formulated a plan to take over the world by infiltration of organizations and education, and by becoming one of them. They would become leaders in these organizations, and eventually overthrow the Protestant organizations. This was by introducing humanism into different levels of education, and keep back certain aspects of the Gospel.
  • The Jesuits instigated battles where hundreds of thousands of Protestant men, women, and children were slaughtered for their cause.
The following is recently posted archived footage of Pope Benedict stating that St. Ignatius of Loyola, also known as the Black Pope, was a godly and prayerful man.

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It should be noted that the spiritual practices of the Jesuits are being brought into today's Emergent Church. Their goal is to re-introduce an "Ancient-Future" faith, based on the ideas, dogmas, traditions and views of the Roman Catholic Church fathers. Many of their ideas come directly from Ignatius Loyola. Tony Campolo practices many of Loyola’s mystical practices that he developed to get closer to God. The mystical New Age practices he promotes are more closely tied to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Catholicism, than to biblical Christianity.  

This is how Ignatius of Loyola is remembered today...a kinder, gentler sort of fellow - and a saint to boot!

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