Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Mystical Eucharistic Christ

"For many will come in my name, saying, 
I am Christ, and will mislead many." Matt. 24:5

You've heard about the New Age Buddhist Maitreya and the Mahdi of Islam, but now there is another Christ we have to contend with - the Eucharistic Jesus. It's not entirely how it sounds, but it might as well be by the time it all plays out. This is because the Roman Catholic church plans to establish the kingdom of God on earth, like the Dominionists, and win the world to the Catholic Jesus, also known at the Eucharistic Christ. This will all be brought about when the world, including the separated brethren (Protestants), comes under the rule and reign of Rome and the Eucharistic Jesus.

The Eucharistic Jesus is supposedly Christ's presence that a Roman Catholic priest will summon through the power of transubstantiation, the focal point of the Catholic mass. The transubstantiation, which is a Catholic term for the elements of the Holy Communion, is when the bread and the wine are said to be transformed into the very body and blood of Christ. The presence of Jesus Christ and this experience of Eucharistic adoration is key to the Catholic faith. Transubstantiation is a revered doctrine that has been diligently protected, even unto death of the dissenter, as we saw during the Reformation.

The pope protects the staff holding the Communion wafer from contact with his hands.
Roman Catholics believe this holds the body and blood of Jesus, and carries it with reverence.

Holy Communion: Taking it to the Mystical Level
In an attempt to bring revival back into the Catholic church, their New Evangelization program is hoping to "rekindle the amazement" of the Eucharist, essentially bringing out the mystical elements of the Eucharist.

In April 2003, Pope John Paul II initiated the "Year of the Eucharist" as part of his program to bring the world to the Eucharistic Christ. Pope Benedict picked up where Pope John Paul II left off and has suggested that praying to Mary would help "all Christians" draw closer to the Eucharistic Christ.

Based upon Roger Oakland's research in Faith Undone, the presence of Christ in the Eucharist is essentially the Second Coming of Christ, Catholic style. The Eucharist is a tool that is being used to create unity desired by the Catholic church, since some Catholic priests are sharing the Eucharist with other Christian denominations at events held to create interdenominational dialogue - which would never had been done years ago. The Eucharist is being adopted by the Emergent Church, along with the candles and other elements of Catholic worship. He explains that the Emerging church is being used as bridge that has been established to bring separated brethren back to the Catholic church.

You may think that the Catholics will need more than Communion to bring separated brethren back to the Catholic church, but when you watch what is occurring at some Roman Catholic churches overseas, you'll see why it's drawing crowds. The Communion wafer mystically turns into blood, as though it were the body and blood of Christ...purely demonic.

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An FYI Bunny Trail
Helping to pave the way for reunification with the Catholic church, Richard Land and Chuck Colson have been behind the scenes engaging in ecumenical shenanigans. In 1992, both helped to draft a document Evangelicals and Catholics Together. Its purpose was to desensitize Christians into finding common ground and unity with Catholicism, since we serve the same Christ - so they say. But biblical Christians do not serve a Eucharistic Christ, since we know the reality of the Communion wafer.

Enter: Virgin Mary
In the past decade, Catholics and Muslims alike have been worshiping the apparitions of the Virgin Mary.  The apparitions have become more frequent, and it turns out that there is a reason for these demonic appearances. Not only will it help unite Catholics and Muslims, but the Virgin Mary is viewed as a John the Baptist of sorts. According to Roger Oakland, Mary is preparing the way for the Second Coming. She will play a crucial role in the conversion process that must occur if the world is going to embrace the Eucharistic Reign of Christ. These apparitions have been proclaiming that a new world and era of peace is upon us, and she will usher in the Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As stated by a Catholic priest, once the world has less sin, which happens to coincide with the separated brethren returning to the Catholic church, Christ will return in His full glory, and it will somehow manifest itself through the Eucharistic Jesus.

In the following video, you will see how this statue of the Virgin Mary has been affected by the prayers of Catholics. This idol of Our Lady of Sorrows was taped during a procession in southeast Cicily. Notice how her eyes open and close.

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In Closing
In an attempt to rekindle interest in the Catholic Church, some believe that Catholic parishes have begun to knit contemplative and centering prayer into worship. They got their stamp of approval back in 2002. The Catholic News Service reported, "Just as popes have responded to perilous times in the past, Pope John Paul has urged people to take to prayer, especially a contemplative type of prayer to give hope and strengthen the spirit."

Why is this type of prayer so important to the Vatican, that they feel they should introduce it to the local churches? Those who practice it believe it is a new way to experience a closer relationship with God. Since contemplative prayer is a mystical experience, the one who practices it ends up believing "all is One" -- only one essence in the universe, everyone and everything being a part of that essence. " This message will help galvanize and lead the reunified Catholic church to accept the New Age Christ. It is a sad fate for those who earnestly desire to know God.

"And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13