Friday, March 9, 2012

Mitt Romney & the Royal Bloodline

Last month we learned that Mitt Romney's father was a globalist, who happened to be a friend of the Rockefellers. We saw Skull and Bones George Bush Sr. add his endorsement for President to Romney. We also learned that Romney was a professional liar, since he shamelessly flip flops on issues. All of these are excellent qualifications to become President of the United States.

But what about his blood? Does he descend from the same bloodline as all the other politicians who share Vlad the Impaler through their lineage? Bingo!

Through his Merovingian Ancestry, which are all supposedly the descendents of Jesus Christ (based on a lie), are also considered as flowing through the Order of the Dragon - a Vlad the Impaler thing.

Ironically, the patriarchal and matriarchal bloodline of the Lamb's chosen family presently flows through the veins of Joseph Smith. Because of this, "he was the Grail king and inheritor of the promises of the dispensation of the fullness of time," based on study done by Vern G. Swanson.

According to genealogy, through the Romney family bloodline, it takes you back to John Lathrop(1584-1653), the fifth great-grandfather of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Early Church leaders related to Lathrop include Joseph Smith and Mitt Romney, who both apparently believe they are descendents of Jesus Christ. This gives them the right to rule.

Let's watch to see if Mitt Romney gains the win for the 2012 Presidential race. I think it's already in the bag!

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