Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vlad the Impaler - Illuminati Bloodlines

A while ago, I viewed a CBS report on  George Bush's genealogy, and how he was related to Vlad the Impaler. I never knew who Vlad the Impaler was, so I never looked into it. After watching a program devoted to Vlad featured on "Cities of the Underground," it confirms a lot of the talk bloodline talk the conspiracy people are talking about.

(YouTube link Part 1)

It seems that old Vlad was a blood-thirsty killer, who loved to torture and was responsible for mass murder. He was also known as Dracula, and was born in Romania, in the year 1431. Dracula got his name from his father, who was the member of an elite society called "Order of the Dragon." It was an illusive society founded by the Holy Roman emperor. [1] [2]

The name Dracula literally means "Son of the Devil."(07:15 on the counter)

The ironic thing is that Bush and Obama are also a relatives of Princess Diana, and in other records they are related to Prince Charles. Princess Diana was not a commoner as some would lead you to believe. Her ancestors were also elitists who were also Rosicrucian. It was the home of her ancestor that Sir Francis Bacon and his buddies would plan The New Atlantis, which was a vision of a new world order. The possibilities of young Prince William being the Antichrist appears to be strengthening!

As a side-note, had a breakdown of President Bush's genealogy, and Sarah Palin was in it. She may want to give the impression that she's a fresh sweet-face of the little town of Wasilla, but she's no different than the rest of the elites.
" Sarah Palin’s pedigree “shares ancestor John Lathrop with presidents Ulysses S. Grant, Franklin D. Roosevelt and both Bush presidents…Revolutionary War traitor Benedict Arnold, (and) the list (also) includes Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon religion, poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Dr. Benjamin Spock, financier John Pierpoint Morgan and the original fuller brush man, Alfred Fuller…Tumbling out of the list of politicians who descend from Lathrop are Adlai Stevenson, John Foster Dulles, Thomas Dewey and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.” 

Sarah Palin, according to Rosemary E. Bachelor, is also “a 12th cousin of John McCain and descends from Simon Newcomb of Edgarton, MA and Lebanon, CT, as do both Bush presidentsPresident Bush, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin all descend from Samuel and Sarah (Soule) Hinckley, (whose) son Thomas Hinckley (1618-1706), held several governmental posts in the Plymouth Colony and served as its last governor from 1681 to 1692.” [3]
It's hard to believe that pretty face was morphed from a reptile!