Friday, January 13, 2012

Southern Baptists Engage in More Partisan Politics

(Talk2Action) Up until recently Bob Reccord was the head of the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. It is the convention's most popular agency, the one with the largest budget.  He has retired from this post to take a higher office in the land.  He is now according to Ethics Daily, the head of the Council on National Policy.  According to many experts, this is the most powerful Religious Right organization in the nation.

 Bob Reccord

Journalist Ken Camp noted in the Baptist Standard that the SBC has moved from its traditional stances on church/state separation and now uses patriotic rhetoric.  He noted the SBC Pastor's Conference, that met a few months after 911, was adorned with a huge American flag and had soldiers who rappelled from the above rafters during the worship service.  This took place while fireworks blazed.

Even vulgarity is not taboo when it comes to bashing Democrats by these Baptists.  Mike Huckabee is tied to friendship to Ted Nugent.  Nugent is the controversial singer who often uses vulgar words in songs, especially when singing about Hillary Clinton or President Obama according to The Daily Show. Controversial legislator Dr. Tom Coburn is a Southern Baptist deacon from Muskogee, Oklahoma.  Tom often votes with big tobacco, in favor of school vouchers, and pro school prayer amendments, once legendary Baptist taboos.  He has advocated the death penalty for abortionists according the Oklahoma Observer. John Boehner was commended by name for his leadership in a 2011 SBC resolution at the annual meeting.  Boehner and family owned bars and John has used vulgar references at commencement speeches. He does meet the SBC test of taxation which seems to trump other ethical issues.

Tom's fellow Oklahoma legislator, James Lankford, is another interesting figure.  James used his office as director of Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center in Oklahoma to run for public office.  Churches passed out contribution memos for his campaign  He is said to get from $200 to $4000 for speaking fees to aid his campaign that has roots in the Baptist assembly center.

Dallas SBC pastor Dr. Jeffress was made famous by his bashing of Mormon Romney.  MSNBC quotes the pastor as stating we must unseat Obama because of spiritual reasons.  He would even vote for Romney over Obama he stated.  Which means Obama must be way down there on the wish list.

Controversial Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is the son of a Baptist minister.  The anti-Union governor scored low points on the truth meter according to  He supposedly lied to the Democratic Congress to get them back tricking them to pass his budget according to Christian Ethics Today. Journalist Brian Kaylor chronicles the scandalous political career of Baptist GOP former politician Rick Green.  Texas Monthly named Green one of the ten worst legislators of the year once.  He career was marred with scandals.  Green is tied into David Barton and works with Barton on radio.  He once slugged an opponent in the face and went on to brag about it.  Southern Baptist leaders continue to embrace Green in spite of his career.
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Comment: This is more evidence that the major denominations are being taken over by Freemasonry and a political agenda. Although Masonry is never mentioned in the article, those appointed to leadership within the Council for National Policy are typically Masons. By promoting heretical doctrines of ecumenism, and a lifestyle that allows you to have one foot in the world, they use it as a vehicle for the dissemination of Gnosticism.

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