Monday, October 10, 2011

Jeffress: Satan Behind Catholic Church

Dallas Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress, a prominent leader in the Southern Baptist Convention, introduced Rick Perry at the Value Voter Summit last Friday, and then later told reporters that the Mormon religion is a "cult." Jeffress is not backing down amid a firestorm of criticism, telling Fox News on Sunday that  Mormons have "never been considered a part of mainstream Christianity."[1]

In another incident of defending the faith, Jeffress points out the faults in Catholicism - being correct on every point.

(YouTube link)

Although he is bold enough to say that Mormonism and Catholicism are cults, he can't seem to see that Rick Perry is a fake - or can he? Within Robert Jeffress ministry website, there is some Masonic symbolism. I'm not saying he's a Freemason, but why does he use them?

The eight-pointed star

This type of symbolism is gnostic, and it carries the meaning of Universalism, another Masonic ideal.

Website header

Indicates that he is pro-Israel - aligning himself with government.

Cover of His Book

The use of the key and Solomon - both Masonic symbols or wording.

He's obviously a Reconstructionist and his website surely tells the story. He endorses Rick Perry because he will capture the country for world government, but Perry isn't any different than the rest of them.