Saturday, January 14, 2012

Robots: Will they fall into the wrong hands?

In this segment of "What's the Next Big Thing?" - we get to take a peek at how advanced robots have gotten. This human-like robot can understand human feelings, carry on conversations, and even make jokes. Philip replies to the PBS Interviewer Chad Cohen, and gets some freaky replies.

(YouTube link)

The creators of these creatures are considered as forward thinkers. Many of these types of robots are being developed in Silicon Valley, which are all part of Transhumanist technology. They are being marketed as a method of sustainability - a term of the NWO that attempts to break through the ethical problems with developing this type of technology.

In Korea, there are armed robots being deployed to the demilitarized zone - designed to take out the approaching enemy.

Three of these robotic creatures are being used as security guards in Korean prisons.

And again in South Korea, small robotic creatures will be used in the classroom in 2013.

This robotic warrior was being used in Iraq.

Based on a 2009 article from Brookings Institute, the #1 think tank in the world, there were plans for a new division in 2010 to put a robot combat in space. "A small satellite, carrying humanoid robots will be blasted into the heavens. "Once safely in orbit, the satellite will release its robotic passengers, who will proceed to fight each other in the vacuum of space."[1]

In August 2011, Robonaut 2 was the first humanoid robot ever to fly in space and was built by NASA as part of a joint project with car manufacturer General Motors. The goal is to build a robot helper suitable to assist humans in complex tasks, be they in space or on Earth.

All of this will be used for humankind, and robotic war - some for good and some for evil.