Saturday, December 24, 2011

Exposing False Teachers, But Not Chuck Missler

"Roger Oakland exposes Chuck Smith, the One World Religion, Rome, Greg Laurie, Rick Warren, the Emergent Church, the Jesuits, Lonnie Frisbee, Jerry Boykin, David Barton, Ecumenism, Skip Heitzig, Tim LaHaye, Billy Graham, The Shack, Jon Courson, but just not Chuck Missler." ~William Saunders
Chuck Missler is one of the kingpins in the Christian Industrial Complex, and many discernment ministries, including Roger Oakland's ministry which has been instrumental at exposing apostasy, will not tell the truth about Chuck's blatant compromise. Is this because Chuck works for the Illuminati? Could it be that all discernment ministries are controlled by an unseen hand?

Read a well-documented case against Chuck Missler, along with screen shots - an important tool since much of the proof has now been removed or altered from the website. - For the main site
For Roger Oakland's part
My coverage of SwanSat and Chuck Missler - Take into consideration that some of these links and pages may have changed.