Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beth Moore and Contemplative Prayer

Beth Moore, a Southern Baptist who is influential with many evangelical women, holds nothing back at trying to influence women by her beliefs in ecumenism and the use of Contemplative/Centering prayer. She is also known for her teaching segment on James Robison's Life Today, who has stated that he would like to see the Church unite as one.

As members of the Church enter a critical time of determining which gate they will choose to enter, Beth  drops the bait by enticing believers toward the wide gate. In the first video, she regards Roman Catholics as a Christian denomination, and neglects to comment on their abundance of unbiblical and pagan practices.

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In the second video, Beth praises Contemplative prayer.

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As we learned from a comparative study of Transcendental Meditation and Contemplative/Centering prayer, Biblical meditation involves meditating on the Word of God consciously, not by the practice of emptying the mind or focusing on a word. We are not told in Scripture to "experience" God or his "presence." His presence is a reality within us through "faith." Practicing God's presence is done by acknowledging Him, believing Him, and considering Him in all we do. It is my personal relationship with Him that engages His Spirit with my Spirit. If you recall, when the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, He used "words" and then commanded against vain repetition as the heathen do (Matt. 6:7).

Most importantly, since this type of meditation is a mystical practice taught in the Kabbalah, and the foundational teachings of the Kabbalah system are a complete departure from what is written and understood by Christendom, Christians should not be practicing it. Centering prayer is being used by the change agents within the Church to take the fight for what is right out of the masses, thus giving them the edge to more easily control the Christian population during the transition into the one world religion and world government. It's the great mental sedative being pushed by Beth Moore.

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