Saturday, March 17, 2012

Os Guinness: Another Fake

   Os speaking at Cape Town 2010: 
The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization

For many years, Christians have been led to believe that the intentions of internationally known Christian ministries have been to serve God and take the Gospel to the world. What we have come to discover is that most of these individuals are leading the Church to accept an all-inclusive global spirituality and a counterfeit spiritual kingdom that promises security and oneness to all.[1] These counterfeits, who we have been led to believe love God, are actually serving the god of this world. This Luciferian plan will create a global apostate church using the backs of the true Church to achieve its goals. In turn, it will serve the antichrist system of the coming world government.

Their orchestrated plan has used a recipe for world domination that goes like this. Be mindful that this is the plan has been used primarily on the Church.

  1. Take 1 Roman Catholic-driven ecumenical movement;
  2. Mix in some Jesuit/Knights of Malta counterfeit pastors, teachers, and leaders;
  3. Sprinkle with dispensational pretribulation rapture theology;
  4. Add a pinch of love for the Rothschild State of Israel;
  5. Allow to rest with thoughts that this way is the sound teaching of scripture;
  6. Bake it with New Age/false teachings;
  7. And serve it up to Christians, until they believe it's their job to take dominion and authority over the world.
So, these Christian leaders have knowingly created a monster. 

Another shot of Os Guiness addressing the Third Lausanne Conference on World Evangelization.

One of these wolves disguised in sheep's clothing is Os Guinness. By the time you finish reading his achievements, you'll wonder how this one slipped by.
  • Os received a Bachelor's in Divinity from the University of London. He got his doctorate in Philosophy at Oriel College, a part of Oxford University with Roman Catholic affiliations. Later, Os became a Senior Fellow at Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics [8], a part of Oxford University. The school has been heavily infiltrated and influenced by Jesuits and Rosicrucianism.
The University of London logo: The Rosicrucian rose is another form of the Rose or Rosy Cross, a Christian symbol originating in the first century. It was adopted as a Hermetic occult symbol during the English Renaissance and was re-popularized by the Nineteenth century magical order the Golden Dawn.
  • In the 1960s, he was a staff member at L'Abri, a Calvinist/Reconstructionist community in Switzerland founded by Francis Schaeffer.[1] (Reconstructionism is rooted in Catholicism, and is another version of Dominion Theology.)
  • Os is a Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institute, a globalist think tank [2]
  • He's a Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center [3], which functions as a roundtable for globalist policy making.[4]
  • He signed the ecumenical document Evangelicals and Catholics Together. [5]
  • Os is the Founder of Trinity Forum and the Trinity Forum Academy. They are committed to cultural renewal. His academy trains young Christians in a small group setting. It was also created to provide a nonthreatening environment for "gatekeepers of power, intellectual thought, economic leverage and influence" to discuss their ideas. It parallels "The Fellowship" in many ways.
Osprey Point - "As above, so below" - A Hermetic phrase which means, "Man is the microcosm of the Universe. That which takes place on the spiritual plane repeats itself on the Cosmic plane." 

 The academy logo is a symbol of the Trinity, but also holds the elements of New Age triquetra.
  • Co-founder of Trinity Forum, Alonzo MacDonald, gave Doug Coe, leader of the Family, a donation of about five to six thousand dollars. The Family, also known as the Fellowship, were pro-Hitler and recruited several Nazis to serve U.S. Intelligence positions after WWII. It is also known to be a cover for the Fascist right wing.[6]
  • Os has been a guest speaker at Billy Graham's Emergent church Lausanne Conference.[7]
  • He takes part in the Focus on the Family Truth Project. (Dobson - CNP)
  • Os was the keynote speaker at the United Nations, on the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is the goal of the UN to bring about globalization, interdependence of countries, and eventual totalitarianism.
  • On his book titled, The Journey: Our Quest for Faith and Meaning, esoteric symbolism is used on the cover of this book. The navigational sea compass's use of the four cardinal directions, dates back to spiritual practices of ancient pagans. times

"Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them." Romans 16:17

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