Thursday, September 22, 2011

Buzz Words: Genetic Hybrids & Rothschild Zionism

The concept of a human “genetic hybrid” involves combining the DNA of a human with that of another species, be it non-human, to create a new species. Most of the hybrid proposals involve mixing 50% of human DNA with 50% of non-human (animal or extraterrestrial) DNA.[1]

In this video featured on David Icke's website, buzz words are used to convey one such plan, based upon an excerpt from an old Hollywood movie. All of this is based on the assumption that David Icke is a mouthpiece for the Illuminati.

As you watch, you should know that the movie was altered from the original motion picture. Icke's editor altered the television set from the original scene and changed it to expose Michele Bachmann and the Zionist scheme. Zionists can be either Jewish leaders of the global elite, or those within our own country who support the Rothschild Zionist agenda.

In this particular video, Icke's editor is trying to convey the message that whether the Zionists are Reptilian hybrids or human, they must be stopped. Hollywood's message seems to be: alien human hybrids are in control, and this is the plan for the future. The creature in the scene was actually a person indoctrinated into the world's system, and the man with the sunglasses is given the ability to see who are the indoctrinated alien hybrids are. See what you think:

(YouTube link) (They Live - 1988)

The movie can be viewed here. Be aware that there is bad language and nudity, but it sends an interesting message.

Please read part 2.