Friday, September 23, 2011

Buzz Words: Genetic Hybrids and Rothschild Zionism - Part 2

After posting Buzz Words: Genetic Hybrids and Rothschild Zionism, I viewed the movie Icke's YouTube was based upon. Since that time, I re-wrote the post. If it didn't make any sense previously, it may make sense now.

The Illuminati eye was being used in Hollywood as far back as 1988.

If you don't want to watch the movie, mainly because of the profanity and nudity, you may want to read the plot from Wikipedia. There are some interesting parallels to what some are saying will occur in our future, such as:
  • Shortly after the story begins, you find that there is severe unemployment, possibly an economic collapse, and the main character finds himself living in a shantytown near the edge of the city. The movie apparently is set in L.A.
  • The church near the shantytown is trying to warn people about the truth that alien human hybrids are secretly inhabiting the planet. They are being persecuted for introducing radical ideas.
  • It's a police state.
  • The main character learns that the aliens' primary method of control is a signal sent over television, which is why the general public cannot see the aliens for what they are. A special set of sunglasses, then later contact lenses, permits the group to see which people are hybrids.
The movie makes the viewer realize the way people are manipulated through the television. During 1988, when the movie was released, they probably thought this was all a figment of someones imagination. It will be just a matter of time and we will see if Icke has been telling the truth.