Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Code of Ethics of the Global Elite

Some would say the elites have no code of ethics. It makes sense, but isn't it still true that some unbelievers think they can define his own code of behavior. Based upon this premise, in some twisted way it could explain why the elites tell us all they plan to do before they do it.

Have you ever noticed how much information David Icke, Gerald Celente, Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, and G. Edward Griffin have to offer? Sometimes you have to wonder how they come up with the secret details they stumble upon, and how they predict major world events before they happen. Are they being fed information by the global elite, and then acting as their mouthpiece? Where does their ultimate allegiance dwell, if bottom-line truth be known? 

Lindsey Williams: Mouthpiece for the Oil Elites
In a 2009 recorded presentation of Lindsey Williams, who may also be a minion for the elite, claims that the elite must publicly disclose their plans before carrying them out. Although there has never been a full explanation for it, he goes onto say that the elites will tell you what they will do, which countries they will do it in, and how it will be done. He explains that through the use of buzz words, or code, they tell the world what their next step is. Some of these buzz words can be seen or heard in Hollywood movies and the National media.[1] [2]

From Lindsey's estimation, based upon the buzz words of the media and Hollywood, the elitists are planning a:
  • War
  • Oil crisis
  • Economic crash 
  • The dollar will deteriorate in direct proportion to the increase of gold.
  • E.T. invasion
  • Major inflation
Dr. Rima Laibo
Another instance of the elites telling the world what their next step is through the message being conveyed by Dr. Rima Laibo. She appeared on the scene warning the world about Codex Alimentarius, and a eugenics program that will reduce the world's population. Rima exposed a plan by the government to create a covert plan to remove over-the-counter vitamins and supplements from stores, and a plan to reduce the population by 90 percent by reducing fertility and castrating males.

Watch this video:

(YouTube link)

Her warning is heard by the audience, but who exactly is Dr Rima Laibow? Susan, a Christian YouTube researcher, explains that Laibow's husband, Gen. Stubblebine is tied to Michael Aquino, the founder of the Temple of Set. Aquino and Gen. Stubblebine are also in a partnership that teaches students remote viewing, a technique whereby a viewer can "look" at a remote location - like witchcraft.

Here is Susan's research:

(YouTube link)

(YouTube link)

What is the deception taking place here? Does this reflect all the signs of telling the plans of the elite before they carry them out? It is suspicious that Rima Laibow has a dark side and obviously contributing to Satan's cause. Susan believes the truther organization is luring innocent people in for a bait and switch, thus using it as a front for the Temple of Set. What do I think? Perhaps its all of the above.