Friday, August 12, 2011

Roger Oakland: The Eucharistic Christ

Roger Oakland, from Understanding the Times, speaks about the false Jesus of Roman Catholicism, sometimes referred to as the "Eucharistic Jesus." An explanation of this was covered in the post: "The Mystical Eucharistic Christ." In this presentation, Oakland provides more evidence of the strange teachings concerning the body and blood of Christ being consecrated in the elements of the bread and wine of Holy Communion.

There are some who believe that the doctrine of Transubstantiation is witchcraft. When Roman Catholic doctrine states that Jesus Christ must obey the priest when He is summoned during the ceremony, and then goes within the wafer, this teaching is identical to witchcraft.[1] Another disturbing aspect to this is that they have Christ dying over and over, although He was sacrificed "once and for all" for our sins. It almost seems canabalistic, especially when you see the video of the wafer turned to blood (from the last post).

Not included in the video is another viewpoint of the Eucharist ceremony, and the words used during the Catholic ritual. "Hoc est corpus meum" are Latin words translated to "For this is My body." The Latin phrase was later changed by Satanists to "Hocus Pocus." According to former Satanist, Doc Marquis, "Catholicism and witchcraft are one and the same."[2] This would explain the miracles connected to the Eucharist, and the messages that proceed from the apparitions of Mary saying that the she "wants all churches to be reunited, so that there will only be one Church for all people." Oakland speculates that apparitions of Jesus will take place in the future, and they have already begun. 

Roger Oakland goes onto explain that the Catholics do not believe in a physical return of Christ, rather that the Kingdom of God will be established by the Roman Catholic Church. They believe that Jesus will reign through the sacrament of the Eucharist. It seems mildly abstract, but the way it plays out (part 6 of the video) is through the Three Pillars of the Last Days Church. These pillars are:
  1. The Eucharistic Christ
  2. The Blessed Mother
  3. The Pope - head of the global church.
Funny thing is that there is a parallel to the three pillars within Freemasonry. This three pillar diagram has to do with the Galactic Alignment in 2012 [3], which would also go along with the New Age information we've come across before.

Eucharistic adoration has and will win the Protestants back to the Catholic church. The Bible says that it can be done, but it should be clear that the Eucharistic Jesus is not the Lord Jesus Christ.
Scripture is included in Oakland's presentation, and the video is very compelling!

(YouTube link) (Begin at 03:45) (Part 2/7-Other parts on YouTube)