Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bilderberg-Approved Rick Perry Running for President

Official word of Texas Governor Rick Perry's entrance into the race came just hours before eight candidates, including GOP front-runner Mitt Romney, were to appear on stage during a nationally televised debate. Even though he has presented himself as a born again Christian by coordinating a huge prayer event a week before, he isn't any different than the rest of the power hungry candidates.

Being from Texas, Alex Jones has had an eye on him for years. As you may recall, Alex was screaming into a megaphone outside of Perry's Texas mansion at the end of Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement production, accusing him of his cooperation with the globalists. The best part of the tape, by the way!

According to Alex's channel on YouTube, Perry has:
  • Set up a series of new tax systems in TX
  • With no regard to parental rights, Perry forced Gardasil inoculation of young girls in TX. It is known that his ties with Merck run deep.[1]
  • Promoted the North American Union Trans NAFTA Highway, and was the brainchild of the Trans Texas Corridor.
  • Has attended the Bilderburg Conference in 2007.
With a little digging of my own, I found the following tidbits:
  • He is a supporter of Israel.
  • He backed No Child Left Behind which became law through the efforts of both John Boehner and Ted Kennedy for President George W. Bush. It is an educational program devised by UNESCO.
  • Perry has found Christian support among those connected with Dominion Theology, which desires radical overthrow of the US government for Jesus.[2]
The following is an exposé of Rick Perry and the New Apostolic Reformation from Democracy Now:

Will a society of sheep wake up to realize we are being run by a government of wolves? I doubt it!