Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Glenn Beck: Christian Zionist Conference - Declaring Support for Israel

Glenn Beck inadvertently flashing the a-okay Masonic handsign.

Receiving rousing ovations and thunderous applause, former Fox News television personality Glenn Becktold an audience of over 5,000 gathered at the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) national summit in Washington that if the pernicious trends in global anti-Semitism culminate in another genocide, “then count me as a Jew, and come for me first.” 

Beck delivered these remarks as part of his keynote address at the “Night to Honor Israel” gala banquet at CUFI’s sixth annual convocation on Tuesday evening, July 19th.[1] Although the video is shaky, Beck's keynote speech went as follows.

(YouTube link) (If you can't watch the entire video, catch the last minute.)

More Zionist propaganda from the front lines of disinformation. Glenn Beck calls anyone a Nazi that he disagrees with him - a politically correct trick that diverts attention from Israeli and the U.S. crimes. His and attendees heart song is “every act taken by Israel is orchestrated by God, and should be condoned, supported, and even praised by the rest of us.” What a lie!

Beck said, "Evil is taking the mask off." Of course he uses the statement to point his finger at the Muslims, and more specifically Iran, but his words hold so much truth. Truthseekers are waking up to realize we've been lied to for years - by the world and the Church. This has been in preparation for the New Age christ, who is on the sidelines. Many will be fooled by...will you?