Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gnostic Fundamentalism: Fulfilling One Beastly Mind

Gnostic Fundamentalism is attempting to reduce the created order to ashes, thus returning the “spiritual ones” to their original cosmic oneness.[1] Gnosticism is one of the most pervasive human models contrived to obliterate the created order and return mankind to its supposed original divinity. Gnosticism was quietly promoted by individual scholars, and Gnostic teaching remained protected in secret societies, such as: Rosicrucianism (Rose Cross), Freemasonry, Illuminati, Knights Templar, Priory of Sion, and Opus Dei.

Gnosticism experienced a revival when Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891), established the Theosophical Society. Theosophy focuses on esoteric doctrines borrowed from ancient Gnosticism, as well as other mystical sources. The teachings of Blavatsky caught on, and it could then be seen in Spiritism of the late 1800's.

With the final appearance of Gnosticism, through the teachings of New Age movement and now its infiltration into modern Evangelical Christianity, we continue to see this incessant desire to become one. The ecumenical movement has blinded the eyes of those who are participating in it. There seems to be no way to stop it, and there are many who can't seem to be freed from it.

In the following video, the YouTube blogger explains why Christians are blindly following this desire to be one body, and why many plainly don't see it. Based on Rev. 17:17:
"For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." KJV
In the American Standard Version, you can really see it.
"For God did put in their hearts to do his mind, and to come to one mind, and to give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God should be accomplished."
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary statement still applies today:
"God so ruled the hearts of these kings, by his power over them, and by his providence, that they did those things, without intending it, which he purposed and foretold. They shall see their folly, and how they have been bewitched and enslaved by the harlot, and be made instruments in her destruction. She was that great city which reigned over the kings of the earth, when John had this vision; and every one knows Rome to be that city."  
Here's the video:

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