Monday, July 25, 2011

Why Brannon Howse Doesn't Smell Like a Rose - 1/2

 The index finger pointing to the sky is a Masonic sign that symbolizes 
the Sign of Preservation, a prayer for protection.

Brannon Howse has come to be a favorite of mine over the past year. I went to see him in Chesterfield county, VA, where he spoke in a Southern Baptist church. As I was listening to him speak, I found a kindred spirit in him, in that he is someone who fully understands the state of the Church. In his fast-paced presentation, He was point-on many of the misguided steps of some of the groups where I found fault. He also spoke about a few of the 21 radicals whose worldviews are ruling our world from the grave. He understands the implications and seriousness of the Emergent church, the Purpose Driven seeker-friendly church, those involved in theocracy-driven Dominion theology...he knows about all of it, and he's brave enough to speak about it.

But with closer examination, I believe Brannon isn't the squeaky-clean Christian boy from Tennessee - the one we are being led to believe he is. I have known all along that there are many speakers for his Worldview Weekend seminars who are known Freemasons and Council of National Policy, but I had tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. It's in my nature to do so. I had convinced myself that perhaps he didn't have the ability to discern people. But the mounding evidence of bad alliances has finally worked against him. Let's take a look at some of his accomplishments and his conference speakers.

  • Brannon is President and founder of American Family Policy Institute (AFPI). The AFPI is an affiliate of American Family Association. The AFA president is Don Wildmon/ Council National Policy (CNP). They advocate dominionist teachings, and he is a Christian Zionist. [1][2]
  • David Noebel, President of Summit Ministries, is on the CNP.[3
  • Chuck Missler, was once in senior management of Ford Motor Company (former Nazi alliances), a member of Chuck Smith's ministry team at Calvary Chapel, a member of the CNP, and part of an Illuminati project called SwanSat.[4]
  • Brannon has been a featured speaker at Dr. D. James Kennedy's (CNP and Reconstuctionist) "Reclaiming America Conference" and Beverly Lahaye's "Concerned Women of America." Both Tim and Beverly Lahaye have Masonic connections and CNP.[5]
The Cross and Crown have long been an identifier to fellow Masons. 
  • Gary DeMar, Reconstructionist [6]
  • Kay Arthur, Freemason, feminist [7]
  • Brannon provides his 'Israel can do no wrong' undying support of  the Zionist regime of Israel.
  • He is going to Israel with Jimmy DeYoung, a believer in the Masonic/Jesuit-inspired pre-trib rapture.[8]
  • Brannon uses Dietrich Bonhoeffer as an example of Christian courage in the German church during WWII. Bonhoeffer was the same man who wanted to murder Hitler. If he had read any of Bonhoeffer's books, he would know that he was not a Christian, and he in fact furthered the ecumenical movement. He had Eric Metaxes, writer of the Bonhoeffer book, on his radio program. Metaxes is a man with an agenda. [9][10][11]
  • Josh McDowell, who is a member of CNP, affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ and Bill Bright. Bill Bright won the ecumenical Templeton Award.
Unfortunately, I could go on and on. Is Brannon innocent and merely guilty by association? Once I read a little more of the New Age book The Aquarian Conspiracy and how to bring about a revolutionary paradigm shift, I was convinced he knew exactly what he's been doing - and I know his angle.

In a post a couple weeks back, I talked about how change agents, such as the Illuminati, have created the "us vs. them" dialectic
. In that particular post, I said that they place an intentional wedge between social groups. For instance, it's the wealthy vs. the poor, and the Republicans vs. the Democrats. They also point to social groups that will get the blame for problems for social discontent. I then concluded that their logic of making everyone equal would solve the inequality problem, thus making Socialism the answer to the problem.

It is my opinion, Brannon is using the same methodology to create this "us vs. them" division within the Church, at the same time promoting the Zionist agenda. Using the strategies taught in The Aquarian Conspiracy, transformation within the Church could occur.

Follow my thinking for a moment. Brannon has found a following of Christian Fundamentalists, since they believe the Word of God and are opposed to heretical modernism in theology. As he exposes the false teaching in the Church, it draws more fundamentalists out to listen to his educational ministry. As he brings the troops/followers together, they call out more heretics in the Church. Most preachers of modern teaching don't appreciate being called a heretic and it casts them in a bad light, so there will then be a need to muzzle the Christian Fundamentalist. The elite powers believe that there is no place for intolerance in our country! So, what happens?

Intolerant Christian Fundamentalist + Muzzle = Social Paradigm Shift within the Church

The world hasn't changed the Christian Fundamentalist in the way he thinks, but it has provided the change agents with exactly what they want - the silenced Christian.

I want to say in closing that although I do believe Brannon Howse is a change agent, I don't know for sure if he's a Freemason - but evidence does point to it. I don't know for certain if he's a member of any subversive quasi-Christian group. But until he changes his conference speakers, I'll no longer support his ministry.

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