Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Glenn Beck: Propogating Lies about Bonhoeffer

(Fox News link)

Dietrich Bonhoeffer has become the hero of many Christians, but it is all based on the spin of Eric Metaxas. Bonhoeffer is being viewed as a devote Christian, yet he actually held unorthodox views of Christianity. He was one of the fathers of the "death of God" teachings, and he consistently had a low view of the Bible, considering a lot of it as a myth. He denied the deity of Jesus Christ, and did not believe in the resurrection. Bonhoeffer attended a Communist seminary in NY City, and was in on the ground floor of the ecumenical movement.

Ironically, Metaxas is promoted and endorsed by purpose-driven, seeker-sensitive Rick Warren.  That should tell us something in and of itself!  In the interview with Warren, Metaxas says proudly that Bonhoeffer is a “Barthian,” as if this is a good thing.  Karl Barth was endorsed and promoted by Roman Catholic Pope Pius XII as being as great a theologian as Thomas Aquinas, who was a pagan Catholic that taught mysticism and contemplative prayer.[1]

An interesting tidbit about Metaxas is that he has aligned himself with the leaders of dominion theology and the prophetic movement. In Rick Joyner's website, there was an ad for a conference held in January 2009 on Kingdom Business. Eric Metaxas was one of the keynote speakers for this conference, along with Lance Wallnau. In his write-up, it states that he has written for Chuck Colson (ecumenism's man of the hour), the New York Times (has for decades had a soft spot for Communism[2]), and Christianity Today (Billy Graham's liberal magazine). 

Eric Metaxas presently attends Calvary/St. George’s Episcopal Church, which is a member of the Anglican Communion, and he lives in Manhattan, New York. In this interview, he provides his testimony.

Metaxas essentially hijacked Bonhoeffer, and rewrote him in such a way that he would appeal to today's evangelicals. The question lies with whether he tried to intentionally deceive evangelicals into believing Bonhoeffer was someone he wasn't. Is his book being used by dominionists to help fuel the radicalism needed to pull off the next artificial move of God - and essentially lead the Church back to Rome? We'll have to see how the Metaxas spin will have an affect.