Monday, April 4, 2011

Baphomet's Head on Prince William's RAF Uniform

The Markhor head is part of the symbolism used in the RAF patch for Squadron 60. A markhor's head was approved by King George VI in December 1937, chosen to commemorate many years of service in North-West India. The markhor is a mountain goat frequenting the Khyber Pass. The horns of a markhor were presented to the Squadron in 1964Motto:
Per ardua ad aethera tendo - 'I strive through difficulties to the sky'

Ironically, the Goat of Mendes is the spitting image of the markhor, which is incorporated into Prince William's patch.

Baphomet is a pagan deity revived in the 19th century as a figure of Satanism. It is another name for the satanic "Goat of Mendes:" the god of the witches.

Essentially, this goat head is the symbol for Satan, the Anti-Christ, and Baphomet. The badge shows the baphomet framed by two lightening bolts, which symbolize the God Zeus - father of gods and men.

A researcher speculates that his position in the RAF has occult significance in the symbolism, in that the Prince is a Winged Lion or Griffin. He is as Horus with wings, the winged Sun disc, the Lion-Eagle. Once he is crowned Monarch and Commander of the British Navy, he will be considered King and Light Bringer above and below, on land and on sea. [1] 

William's Future Reign
According to a 2009 article in MailOnline, the Queen is to hand over a substantial part of her public duties to Prince William to help him prepare for the day when he becomes King, which came from a confidential document obtained by MailOnline. The newspaper has obtained an uncensored version of the document which confirms that the Queen is grooming William as a ‘Shadow King’.

The leak will add to speculation that the Queen believes William, rather than Charles, represents the best long-term interests of the monarchy, and will raise new questions about the timing of William’s long-anticipated engagement to his girlfriend Kate Middleton.

With all of this in mind, this is a video from a prior post.

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It seems to be the perfect occult set-up. We have so much to look forward to; or not!