Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Future Bride of Prince William

Since some people speculate that Prince William is in the right position to be the Antichrist, I thought we'd take a look at his future bride.

Neither one of the are hurting for good looks! Prince William’s girlfriend, Kate Middleton, may not be so common as the newspaper media first thought. Kate Middleton’s direct blood lines show a mixture of Royalty and common folk. Although her father was a pilot and her mother an airline stewardess, she is a descendant of King Edward III and Queen Phillipa.
According to a genealogist working for the Daily Express, Kate’s family tree can be traced back to Henry Percy, the third Earl of Northumberland. This, says the paper, means Kate and her sister Pippa can “claim blood ties with every crowned head of Europe and the majority of the British peerage.”
The genealogist explains, “Kate’s great-grandmother, Olive Lupton, an upper-middle-class Victorian, was 13 generations in descent from Henry Percy, third Earl of Northumberland. Olive was therefore 16 generations in descent from Edward III and Queen Phillipa.”
The following video makes these points about Prince William:

1. He was born after a solar eclipse, and on the summer solstice when the sun is "Most High."
2. There were some movies released the year of his birth and the year he turned 12, which could be symbolic.
3. Prince William will turn 30-years old in 2012, the same age Jesus started his ministry.

The interesting part of this video introduces the idea that the DNA from the Shroud of Turin was used to clone the appearance of Jesus Christ. When you see the resemblance between the Shroud and Prince William, you really have to wonder. Remember, the Olympics are being held in London in 2012. Perhaps there will be an interesting turn of events.

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