Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is the California Missile Part of a Power Struggle With China?

Brannon Howse received an e-mail from a friend that is a retired two star general in the U.S. Air Force. The e-mail contained a link to an article written by the former Assistant Director of Operations for NORAD in which he declares that:
"In my opinion there is absolutely no doubt that what was captured on video off the coast of California was a missile launch."
Today Brannon reads the entire article by General Jim Cash who believe the missile shot off the coast of California recently, may very well have been shot off of a Chinese submarine as a warning to America. General Cash explains why China might want to warn us. General Cash believes America is in a very dangerous time and much of it is due to lack of leadership in the White House and at the Pentagon. This article is now posted at [here]
Topic Two: Brannon takes your calls and a young man that has just finished his career in the military. His career included was sounded like special operations. This young man gives us an incredible report and what he experienced in the military. His concerns include how politicians and the military industrial complex both use our military for their own political and foreign policy goals with little regard for the true mission and objective of the U.S. military. This young man also explained how the U.S. military is being destroyed from within with political correctness and immorality. He warns us that in the next two years a large number of our military will have fulfilled their obligations and will leave the military in huge numbers. This is an amazing call that Americans must hear. We must specifically pray for Christians that are serving in our military and are facing incredible challenges.

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