Sunday, November 21, 2010

David Icke: The Origin of His Ideas

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David  Icke  has   become  a  highly  sought-after  lecturer worldwide. His books have covered the full range of topics concerning the "elite" global controllers, and their stranglehold on the masses. How would one person be so aware of the cover-ups and lies of what is occurring in our world, more than any other person?

In this revealing video, David describes the pivotal mystical experience he had when he was first "called." As you listen, you will see that he is heavily indoctrinated into the occult. This is also apparent even before he had his experience at Sillustani, Peru. What he neglects to tell you in the video, is that this location was a pre-Incan burial ground and he had his experience inside a pagan ceremonial circle.

According to his book Tales from the Time Loop, he wrote that his body started shaking as though plugged into an electrical socket and new ideas began to pour into him. Time became meaningless, he wrote, and he has no idea how long he stood there, arms outstretched. Then it started raining, and the experience ended as suddenly as it had begun. He described it later as the "kundalini"—a term from Indian yoga describing a libidinal force that lies coiled at the base of the spine—exploding up through his spine, activating his brain and his chakras, or energy centres, triggering a higher level of consciousness. [1]

According to Wikipedia, "what followed became what Icke calls his "turquoise period." He began to wear only turquoise because, he explained, it is a conduit of positive energy. He had met Deborah Shaw, an English psychic living in Calgary, Alberta, in August 1990, and after he returned from Peru, he struck up a relationship with her, which became close and led to the birth of a daughter, Rebecca, in December 1991. At one point, Shaw moved in with him and his wife. Shaw had changed her name to Mari Shawsun, while Icke's wife became known as Michaela, an aspect of the Archangel Michael, and they became known in the press as the "turquoise triangle," though Icke insisted at the time that he and Shaw were just friends. He answered reporters' questions about the relationship with, "if you resonate on this higher level then you see not two ladies, but two bodies with energy patterns."

In March 1991, a week after resigning from the Green Party, he, his wife, and Deborah/Mari held a press conference to announce that he had become a "channel for the Christ spirit," a title conferred on him by "the Godhead." He said the world would end in 1997, preceded by a number of disasters. There would be a severe hurricane around the Gulf of Mexico and New Orleans, eruptions in Cuba, disruption in China, a hurricane in Derry, and an earthquake on the Isle of Arran. Los Angeles would become an island, New Zealand would disappear, and the cliffs of Kent would be under water by Christmas 1991. He said the information was being given to the three of them by voices and automatic writing. [2]

In April 1991, a month later, he announced on the BBC's Terry Wogan Show that he was "the son of God." Note that he didn't say he was a child of God, rather the son. The show changed his life, turning him practically overnight from a respected household name into an object of ridicule.

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In In the Light of Experience (1993), Icke wrote that, at the time he gave the press conference, he didn't feel in control. He heard his voice predicting the end of the world, and was appalled by what he was saying. "I was speaking the words," he wrote, "but all the time I could hear the voice of the brakes in the background saying, 'David, what the hell are you saying? This is absolute nonsense'." His predictions were splashed all over the next day's front pages, to his great dismay. [3] Sounds like possession to me.

Although I do believe the demonic spirits give him some insight concerning past, present and future events, he's a complete liar when he speaks from a spiritual aspect. We can only pray that his eyes will be opened in time.