Friday, June 1, 2012

Seventh-day Adventist Logo: Is it Masonic?

Whether this be a coincidence or deliberately created by their designer, the Seventh-day Adventist logo seems to be inspired by the Masonic altar. Do some comparing for yourself.

The Masonic altar within the Masonic Lodge represents the sanctity of the Altar of Incense within the Holy of Holies in King Solomon's temple. The Masonic Altar is a symbol of their communion before the Supreme Architect of the Universe's All Seeing Eye.[1

 Note the placement of the candlestick in front of the podium.

The Lodge layout.

Note the position of the altar before the sun/all-seeing eye. Freemason sun worship is the worship of Lucifter, the false Angel of light.

The following artwork is from an article exposing Zionist Chuck Missler, drawing a similarity between the Masonic altar and the logo for Koinonia House.[2

Now, the logo for the SDA organization.

You decide.