Thursday, April 19, 2012

Total Onslaught: Two Beasts Become Friends

Professor Walter J. Veith, a a Seventh-day Adventist and PhD in Zoology, teaches a series on Bible prophecy. His message is being posted because he draws some important connections between the US and the Papacy, and their possible place in end time prophecy. He brings together some aspects of Masonry that have been left out of our modern history books. You'll want to watch this one.

(YouTube link)

It is interesting to note how the alternative media has been pointing their finger at Germany, with speculation that it will possibly rise to become a leading world power again. We have heard this through Project Camelot and RT News, as well. Could this be a distraction put in place by the controlled opposition in order to divert our attention away from the US war machine? There will be a Fourth Reich - but there is still much we don't  know.

As a final note about Prof. Veith, I'd like to point out his ability to see error in the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity, yet not see error in the SDA church. We don't know why God chooses to remove the veil from some believers and not remove them from others. Prof. Veith may have come about this information out of study or he could be part of the controlled opposition to the SDA church - who knows. Please overlook his shortcomings and focus on the connections he makes. I'll be adding another lengthy video tomorrow.