Thursday, April 12, 2012

Glenn Beck and His Insights on Baal Worship

On James Robison's program today, he was joined by David Barton and Glenn Beck. After Barton warned that liberals were trying to institute a "secular theocracy," Beck issued a warning of his own that most people are "in bed with absolute evil" and don't even realize it because our global society is "now worshiping Baal."[1]

(YouTube link)

Speak for yourself, Glenn. His statement is true, at least in regard to global leaders, but he neglects to mention his part. The secret society he belongs to worships Baal. He's repeatedly worn a sweater on his broadcast with a Mason’s compass, skull, a scroll and pen, and the year 1681 or 1682. He's also been seen with a Skull and Bones cummerbund, also a Masonic symbol. The Mormon church is being used as a front organization for witchcraft and occultism, for the purpose of protecting high-level Luciferian members.[2]

The following video will show the occultic symbolism on the Mormon Temple.

(YouTube link)

If you want to know where the country is headed, Glenn is your man. He drops more hints than anyone I know!

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