Monday, February 20, 2012

Raj Patel and the Maitreya: Some Insight

Benjamin Creme overshadowed (possessed) by Maitreya.

Benjamin Creme, the founder of Share International, put advertisements in many of the world’s major newspapers in early 1982. On 14 May 1982, he held a press conference in Los Angeles, which was attended by over 90 members of the media. Creme announce that Maitreya was living within the Asian community in the Brick Lane area of East London, since July 1977, and would gradually emerge into full public view. . He stated that the Second Coming would occur on Monday, 21 June 1982 [coincidentally Prince William's birth date], at which time Maitreya would announce his arrival on worldwide television. Since Satan is a liar and his appearance failed to occur, Creme’s organization regrouped as Share International to prepare for the near-future Emergence of Maitreya, when, it is believed, the Day of Declaration to inaugurate the Age of Aquarius. [1]

When Creme announced two years ago that Maitreya had given his first television interview on US television, New Age followers have tried to use Creme's clues to track down who the Maitreya is.  Soon afterwards, several people in the US, working from Creme's predictions, concluded that British-American author Raj Patel was Maitreya.[2] When this story hit newspapers, Benjamin Creme responded quickly by saying that Raj Patel was not the coming World Teacher, and Patel confirmed that statement. [2]

If Patel is the Maitreya, he would have been 16-years old in this 1988 photo on the right.

Since that time, Raj Patel  has become very active in social justice issues, and regularly speaks to public gatherings about the world food system and his program, Feeding the World. He has also been a guest on Democracy Now, where he discussed food insecurity, hunger, and poverty.

Patel is well-prepared for these speaking engagements, since he's got a PhD in Development Sociology from Cornell University. His Masters Degree in Economics was from London School of Economics, a school founded by Fabian Socialists. As part of his academic training, Patel worked at the World Bank, World Trade Organization, and the United Nations.

Maitreya's Main Mission 
According to Creme, Maitreya is the messiah expected for generations by all of the major religions, including the Masons. "At the time of great political, economic and social crisis, Maitreya will inspire humanity to see itself as one family, and create a civilization based on sharing, economic and social justice, and global cooperation." [3]

During the Age of Aquarius, Maitreya will promote the Principle of Sharing, which means that the prosperous nations share their wealth with the poorer nations, so that everyone will have adequate sustenance [food]. Theosophist Alice Bailey once said:
"Selfless sharing and cooperative understanding between all men [and women] of goodwill everywhere can rebuild a new world, bring into being a more beautiful life, and restore that which humanity itself has destroyed.  The best is yet to be.  We can rest back upon the realization that the history of the human race has been one of a steady moving forward down the ages and towards the light." 
It is believed by the followers of Creme that Maitreya has vast superhuman powers and also is in regular telepathic contact with the space brothers in their flying saucers, which would explain the increase in UFO/alien movies in the media. Benjamin Creme has said that Maitreya is capable of teleporting anywhere in the solar system. Creme's followers believe that Maitreya, in cooperation with the flying saucers of the space brothers, are the cause of the crop circles. The crop circles began to appear in 1975, the year that Creme claims that Maitreya began to telepathically contact him. These crop circles appear in England, more than any other country. Creme has stated that Maitreya spends a large percentage of his time in London.[4]

Is Raj Patel the Coming World Teacher?
You have to admit, although Patel has denied being the Maitreya, he has set himself up as having similar characteristics as the awaited World Teacher. When you consider the topics he's been writing and speaking about, it does keep some followers curious. Some New Agers are 100 percent convinced he is the Maitreya. No one really knows if he is, but it becomes more unlikely when you consider some of the upcoming information. 

The following video is a segment of Aquarius: Age of Evil. Note how the Maitreya is woven into Islamic prophecy as being the Imam Mahdi, and that the global elite, including American Presidents, also follow him.

(YouTube link) (Start at 2:30)

This false christ, Maitreya, will soon enter the world stage as the Christian's biblical Antichrist. His arrival will be based upon the true teachings of biblical prophecy, not Benjamin Creme's communication with a demon. He may try to parallel Bible prophecy in some instances, but there is no match for what was written ages ago - our trusted authority.
The Antichrist's arrival is fully dependent upon God's timing. I read an interesting calculation (which is all it is), but let's give him an ear. There a degree of conspiracy underlies the entire Illuminati Plan to overthrow the Old World Order so the New World Order can be established. Keeping in mind that President Bush, Sr., addressed the Congress on the subject, "Moving Toward A New World Order", precisely 11 years before the attacks of September 11, 2001. The Illuminati Plan calls for precisely 11 year intervals. There could be a significant event planned which would move us a step closer to the time when Antichrist arises, or to the Third World War. September 11, 1990 to September 11, 2001 to September 11, 2012 -- is exactly 11 years each. [4] It's something to pray about.