Sunday, January 8, 2012

Would Jesus have been a Republican?

In a political party that has been traditionally confrontational and hawkish, I have to ask, "WWJD?" Jesus was a peacemaker and taught that we should love our enemies, and to bless those who curse you (Matt 5:44). Then how is it that Christians can vote, then pick a candidate who will knowingly draw the war card?

George Bush ran as a Christian candidate and 
turned out to be a Universalist/member of a secret society who 
helped bring about the false war on terror.

Rick Santorum, who has politically sided with born again Christians, recently addressed a crowd for almost two hours at Windham High School, NH. When the question and answer portion of the program drew to an end, a questioner stated, “We don’t need a Jesus candidate, we need an economic candidate.”

Santorum said, “My answer to that was we always need a Jesus candidate. We need someone who believes in something more than themselves and not just the economy.” He added, “When we say, ‘God bless America,’ do we mean it or do we just say it?”[1]

The Jesus candidate? He is a Knights of Malta member - which is a secret society working toward a one world religion and one world government. Do you see any inconsistencies here?