Thursday, January 19, 2012

Knights of Columbus: Jim Bob Duggar?

Jim Bob Duggar holds a Knights of Columbus "Defend Life" poster at the South Carolina Citizens for Life Rally in Columbia, SC on January 14, 2011.[1]

Knights of Columbus is a subordinate organization to the Jesuit Order.

RD Magazine states:
"There, on the statehouse steps, another kind of conservative evangelicalism was on view: that of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting fame, who have endorsed Santorum. That these icons of the contraception-eschewing wing of evangelicalism marched behind the Knights of Columbus, carrying the Knights’ “Defend Life” posters, exemplifies the intensifying unity between conservative evangelicals and conservative Catholics, particularly on reproductive access issues. If there was any doubt about whether the aim was more political than spiritual, Jim Bob encouraged people in the crowd to run for local office, with the aim of permanently making abortion illegal. You don’t even need political experience, he said. “Being pro-life is your credential.”
What most folks don't realize about Bill Gothard is that he is a Reconstructionist. A Reconstructionist is actively trying to establish Papal Theonomy for the world. The Institute for Life Principles and their viewpoints on not using contraception lay side-by-side. It almost makes you wonder if this teaching was introduced by the Jesuits when they began to gain more power through the Christian Reconstructionist Movement in our country.

Gothard's Christian living course materials mentored the Duggar family. Gothard’s “Character Cities” program, which is a secular front organization, tries to inject Reconstructionist [Jesuit] goals into local politics. The Duggar's have been had! Or should we be thinking, "Who is Jim Bob Duggar?"

For additional reading, I suggest Papal Theonomy and America Today, which is on .pdf. It is a must read!

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