Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Judge Napolitano: What if...?

(YouTube link)

Many of us are beginning to wake up to the reality Judge Andrew Napolitano is talking about. He is a spokesman for the Illuminati's media propaganda machine, but Fabian Socialism's plans and tactics are often open for all to see. Only the discerning will know when they are speaking the truth, or sending out buzz words to signal their next step.

As the Judge was speaking about Ron Paul, I was wondering how many of you caught this interesting article today? Conservative pastor Voddie Baucham said that he was going to vote for Ron Paul because he's a Christian. Ron Paul is not a Christian, but a Rosicrucian/Luciferian. There is documentation and pictures to back that up.

People don't get into his position unless they sell their soul to the devil.

Traditional Masonic handshake passed on by Ron Paul.

Note: I do not support a political candidate. 

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