Wednesday, December 14, 2011

EMP Threat: Fact or Fiction?

Fox News, a mouthpiece for the Neoconservatives and the Illuminati, has continuously promoted the possibility of an electromagnetic pulse attack from Iran. In this recent video, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, who is the president of Empact America and with has a long history of working for the government, tries to scare Americans into believing that the use of an EMP weapon by Iran is a realistic possibility.

If you recall the recent video on body language, watch this man's eyes. Is he lying?

(Fox News link)

From what I've been able to learn about the EMP threat, the Neoconservatives of the Heritage Foundation were on of the first insiders to talk about the threat in 2008. It could be that a report during the same year, which was released from the Commission to Access the Threat. Dr. John S. Foster, who was on the commission, has a long history of being entwined with different sectors of the military industrial complex.

It is the nightmare scenario that no one wants, and they are doing their best to make Iran look bigger and more irrational than any country in the world. It is one of the tools the New World Order is trying to use that will create a major upset in the world.

In the following CBN News video, which is part of the Christian Industrial Complex, the Sheeple are being rallied for support of an Iranian war.

(CBN link)

If an EMP weapon is used against our country, it is my opinion that it will be self-inflicted and the blame will be placed elsewhere - all by keeping our fingerprints off of it. It would certainly take care of that nasty overpopulation problem we have.