Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Counterfeit Christians & Illuminati-based Ministries

As a joint effort in the search for truth, a fellow researcher sent me a link to a series that shows how modern-day apostate Christians became tied to the religious arm of the Illuminati. has a series called "The Counterfeit Biblical Millenium," which describes some interesting background information on counterfeit Christians and how they deceitfully twist Scripture that has helped in creating the one world religion. Some of the final excerpts are on the Prophecy Club, who have used Illuminati whistle-blowers, as well as Chuck Missler.

Fabian logo is a sheep in wolves clothing. The ideology promoted
by Fabians thinkers is called communitarianism.
"It is startling that the earliest (1883) Fabian society was called, "The Fellowship of the New Life," a group holding particularly to Utopian ideals and consisting of apostate evangelicals. This title is remarkable because it sounds just like the Kingdom-Now charismatic movement. And guess who was the first president of the Fellowship? The Anglican "Christian," Brook Westcott!!
Arthur Balfour and various Rothschilds also belonged to what was called, "The Society of the Elect," if that helps you to believe that these hungry men of power appeared to us donning sheep's wool. One could certainly ask the question: "Was the leadership of the initial Charismatic movement secretly a calculated religious arm of this Illuminatist conspiracy?" In later chapters, I will answer more closely to "yes" than to "no."

The Fabian Society was formed immediately after the formation of the Society for Psychical Research (1882). Brook Westcott and Fenton Hort, along with Arthur Balfour, were devotees of both organizations, if that helps to show that the Fabians were, not only of occult persuasion, but tied to the Rothschild political machine. After all, these men were involved with the Rothschilds in the "Apostles' Club."

Note that the Pentecostals/Charismatics of the late 1800s came as "apostles," and that the Mormons, Irvingites, and other cults before them were also self-proclaimed as such. What is amazing is that Charismatics today acknowledge the wolf-status of cults because the cults deny the Deity of Jesus, and yet the Charismatics do not place their own movement into the same category...wherefore let me say without malice and purely for your consideration that Illuminatists can just as easily disguise themselves as Trinitarians as Unitarians/Arians. Take the Vatican as just one example, but also the Anglicans.
In a recent poll, one third of Anglican bishops said that they do not believe in the resurrection of Christ. How many more of them do not believe in the Resurrection and yet lied in the poll? It seems to me that such a situation could not occur unless the top leadership of the Anglican church were itself infested with apostates...although "apostate" here may not be the proper term to use as it is defined as a Christian fallen from Faith whereas Illuminatists may never have had Faith to begin with."
In another excerpt, he goes onto say:
"Adam Weishaupt, yet another apostate, was the official (i.e. visible) founder of the Bavarian Illuminati (1776). It is believed that, while young, Weishaupt was recruited by the first Rothschild (Mayer), whereafter Weishaupt formed an occult group called the "Golden Dawn," reminding us of Osiris, the new "Age of Aquarius," and the New Atlantis."

"It is reported that Weishaupt once said: "Princes and nations will disappear without violence from the earth. The human race will then become one family..." This smacks of the United Nations' agenda toward a global village under one authority structure. Socialism, the idea that everyone is equal, with no one acting as leader over another, is a Christian concept implemented by Jesus himself, but when ruled by the dragon bloodline, there crops up an obvious problem.
At the Aho website, you can read that Fabianism was, in the visible world, the politics of Christian Socialism, initially devised by apostates from Anglican evangelical circles, explaining why the "new evangelism" was at that time a phrase coined by Freemasons. That New Evangelism is still with us today, and so be on the watch for it, or you might devote your life to it with bitter regrets in the end. It seems apparent that the New Evangelism has the purpose of building a global village, using Christ (and the Christian) wherever possible to advance itself."
Lastly, the excerpt about Missler and the Prophecy Club.
"Recall that a certain influential dispensationalist Christian, Chuck Missler, was involved not only with intelligence organizations, the military, internet development, Lambert Dolphin, Zionism, alien themes, high-level politics in the CNP, and a personal business venture under the name "Phoenix," all the while attacking the Illuminati in his words. The same difficulty confronts me when I attempt to undress the Prophecy Club, that by all intuitive indicators it appears to be Illuminati-based, and yet it and its guests attack the Illuminati. Interesting along these lines is Barbara Aho's claims that Discernment Ministries, supposedly a Christian organization exposing the Illuminati, had invited Anthony Buzzard to one of its meetings.
The Phoenix Bird is a symbol of Lucifer,
and Chuck Missler used this name for his company. (1)
Recall that Missler (and Tim LaHaye) were/are devotees of the Council for National Policy, and that this organization was supported by the Moonies...who of course are deeply devoted to mind control."(2)
We must all be more aware of who we listen to, and how they may be involved in the Christian Industrial Complex.

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