Friday, November 18, 2011

Thrive - UFOs Come Out of the Closet

Eye is the Symbol of the Illuminati

The message in the movie is that there is an ancient code imbedded into arts and icon throughout the centuries that will provide a way to save our planet. The code happens to come from extraterrestrials, and the movie tries to make you see that the suppression of the UFO phenomena is the suppression of free energy. Who's fault is that information has been suppressed? The same folks who are responsible for many of our problems - the globalists and the elite banking families - so Foster Gamble says.

They pretty much tout this movie as the solution to all our world problems, and convincingly feature special well-know conspiracy investigators.

The military industrial complex, which he mentioned, is made up of a series of companies that make up the corporate power machine in our country - the Carlyle Group. It supported both sides of the war with Hitler in WWII. Proctor and Gamble is not listed in Carlyle's portfolio, but they do have some interesting occult symbolism on their logo.

13 stars - rebellion against authority
Note the number of New Agers in the movie. That ought to be a big red flag!