Friday, November 4, 2011

Mike Bickle: Fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit

Experiences can be deceitful and counterfeit. Manifestations of the Holy Spirit are often misinterpreted and actually the workings of evil spirits - leading you away from a solid relationship and toward experience.

Since many practices of Eastern Religions have been introduced into the Church, evil spirits have been gaining access into believers lives. They destroy discernment and builds a bridge for the New Age christ. 

Mike Bickle, from the IHOP church, has introduced contemplative prayer to his congregation. He tells his congregation that this type of prayer strengthens the inner man, and it's all about the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Like all Christian contemplatives, Bickle works hard at presenting this as biblically acceptable. He states there is “…a lot of counterfeit mysticism…” Before teaching his Christian mantra method, he again emphasizes he is not talking about Eastern or Oprah religion.(video here)

Bickle has been quoted as saying that the most inspiring light in all of Christianity came from the Roman Catholic mystics during the dark ages. The mystics who practiced contemplative prayer were Jesuits, who sought after the restoration of the Catholic church after the Reformation and practiced the dark arts. No good thing ever came from the Jesuit mystics.

In the following video, Mike Bickle downplays the Christian walk of mainline Christians as a dry, boring experience. Then he goes onto explain the real vs fake manifestations of the Holy Spirit, both occurring at the same time in the same room- some fake and some genuine. Are any of these experiences in the Bible, Mike? It's all fake! It's all manifestations of Kundalini.

(YouTube link) (4:00 - 7:10 on the counter)

Bickle and the Apostolic/Prophetic movement are “dominionists.” There is nothing new in what he is teaching, with regard to Dominionism and the false manifestations of the Holy Spirit. To Bickle, Jesus is sitting and waiting for the Church to mature and get herself ready to be used as God’s instrument to effect global transformation. But in actuality, Bickle is helping to blind the Church in preparation for the coming false christ and global government.

In the book For Many Shall Come in His Name, Ray Yungen claims that meditation, also through the contemplative prayer, will work together in an extraordinary way.
"When this man [the false christ] comes forward, all those in touch with their Higher Selves (familiar spirits) are going to automatically recognize him as "the Coming One" and give him their allegiance. He will have a ready made contingency, many in key positions, to help him reconstruct society. This will be the final culmination of the paradigm shift."
Many believe it is wrong to warn Christians about apostasy, and that it is divisive. When they say this, they are doing a great disservice. It is important that they wake up before it is too late.   

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