Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lou Engle & the The Call: 11/11/11

Just days away, Lou Engle is preparing the final stages for "The Call." It will be held in Detroit, Michigan, where he hopes to create a revival and promote racial harmony. Listen to his ecumenical plan to bring young and old together.

(YouTube link)

Promoting the November 11 The Call: Detroit to a church group this week, Lou Engle gave them an ominous warning: if the city of Detroit doesn’t sustain the message of The Call, then prepare for a demonic invasion. “If we actually have The Call and you don’t sustain prayer ongoing you open a vacuum for demons seven times worse to come in,” Engle said, “if black and white can’t move together in prayer and sustain it, forget it let’s not even go there, you get demons seven times worse.” [1]

(YouTube link)

In light of yesterday's findings about the New Age aspect of 11/11/11, that's an interesting comment.

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