Thursday, October 27, 2011

Koran Burning Terry Jones for President: Really?

Terry Jones, the controversial pastor who has made national headlines for publicly burning the Koran (Quran), is mounting a campaign for President of the United States. His campaign, which was announced this week and titled Stand Up America Now, released a statement that features a 7-point platform, including:
  1. Stop overspending immediately.
  2. Balance the budget.
  3. Reduce military spending.
  4. Deport all illegals.
  5. Also saving us 400 billion dollars per year.
  6. Reduce corporate taxes.
  7. Reduce bureaucracy. 
Jones told a radio station in Jacksonville he is running because he doesn't believe the current Republican candidates are being completely honest with voters.

With a little more discernment, he'd realize he's been drawn in by a lie!
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