Thursday, October 20, 2011

Frank Schaeffer: Denounces Michele Bachmann

In an interview by Democracy Now, Frank Schaeffer reveals a little more about his background and some of the players in the early Reconstructionist movement, something he experienced first-hand. Amy Goodman explains that Bachmann was inspired by the writings of Frank's famous father, Francis Schaeffer. Frank, with a voice of authority, says that Michele comes from a fringe element that is fundamentally anti-American. "They hate this country. They wrap themselves in the flag, but they hate America as it is."

Frank feels bitter about this radical truth concerning the Reconstructionists, but taking his word as truth when he makes his comments about Michele Bachmann and the Quiver Full movement is another issue. Although Michele may be a liar, as Frank points out, she doesn't fit the mold of your typical Christian Quiver Full mom.

Quiver Full Movement
Francis Schaeffer did influence the early Quiver Full movement, since he was Mary Pride's literary agent. Mary influenced many women with her writing, including myself, and woke them up to the destructive agenda of feminism. Some researchers say that the Quiver Full movement collaborated in a conspiracy with Reconstructionist/Dominionist ideology, making it appear that those who believe this are indoctrinated into a cult. I believe that Frances Schaeffer saw an opportunity to connect with this a separated group of Fundamentalist Christians and brought them under his Reconstructionist wing. Mary's writing never reflected God, country, or politics. The Quiver Full movement, at least during the mid-80s through present day, there has never been evil plans to take dominion by homeschooling families or homemakers. There may have been some lies about the founding fathers being Christians, but that doesn't rally the masses.

In Mary's book, The Way Home: Beyond Feminism Back to Reality, she spoke against the modern teaching of egalitarianism (gender equality), and supported the biblical roles for husbands and wives from scripture. She rightfully encouraged women to be keepers at home, for the men to be heads of their home - and to homeschool. To some, that may still seem radical, especially in the world we live in.

Frank's desire to connect Michele Bachmann to the Quiver Full movement is ridiculous. Oral Roberts University is a non-denominational school that supports the teaching of egalitarianism -  and Michele is a feminist. Someone who wants to fully submit to God's Word and the example it sets, women are typically homekeepers. She worked, in spite of the large income her husband brought in.

Other Issues
Then there was the question about her stance on homosexuality. Although she was against homosexuality in the clip provided, it didn't prevent her from attending the gay parade in Tel Aviv.

If you recall from an earlier post, based on an article in the Christian Examiner Online, Bachmann confides that Beverly LaHaye was a big inspiration in her political rise.[3] Who is Beverly LaHaye? She's the wife of Freemason Tim LaHaye, and leader of Concerned Women for America (CWA), one of the affiliated organizations of the Council for National Policy. Her husband, Tim LaHaye,is the founder of the right-wing globalist organization Council for National Policy. It is the conservative version of the Council on Foreign Relations, which also has globalist aspirations. Based upon this CNP webpage, Bachmann is their gal.

So yes, she does have Dominionist/Reconsturctionist ties, but she is not the Fundamentalist Christian Frank makes her out to be. She's quite the opposite. I think he's an Anti-Fundamentalists... because he is pro-Interfaith!

(Democracy Now) (47:10)

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