Friday, August 5, 2011

Frank Schaeffer: Spreading the Love

Son of famed Evangelical theologian Francis Schaeffer, Frank tells his story about the part he played in the Reconstructionist Movement in the U.S.. He's rubbed elbows with Freemasons Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Tim LaHay, Jerry Jenkins, George Bush, and Jack Kemp during the integral time of mixing Fundamental Christianity with American politics.

In this revealing interview, he is critical of Fundamental Christianity, and he sounds like he has now forsaken all for Universalism - similar to that of Billy Graham. It is interesting to note that Schaeffer was one of the attendees at the July 1974 Lausanne ecumenical gathering - which has ties to the Emergent Church. Perhaps it's the camp he hung out in that he naturally rejected Biblical Christianity.

(YouTube link)

(YouTube link)

Based upon the interview and the multiple angry Huffington Post articles he's written, he's obviously been hurt and betrayed. I read one of his blog entries about a year ago that gave a telling account of how his father was abusive to him. Although he is spreading hate toward the Fundamentalists, and he called me a homophobic fanatic, he needs our compassion and prayer.