Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dr. James Dobson & His New World Order Dirty Money

Erik Dean is founder and owner of the private military company Xe Services LLC, formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide. Considered as part of the Carlyle Group's military industrial complex, it was founded in 1998. Prince took a behind-the-scenes role in the company after 9/11, is a member of the Knights of Malta,  and he has connections to the Republican Party through his father. 

His late father, auto-parts magnate Edgar Prince, was instrumental in the creation of the Family Research Council, one of the right-wing Christian groups most influential with the George W. Bush administration. At Erik's father's funeral in 1995, he was eulogized by two supporters of the Christian conservative movement, James Dobson and Gary Bauer.[1]

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Edgar Prince's widow, Elsa, who remarried after her husband's death, has served on the boards of the Family Research Council, and another influential Christian-right organization, Dobson's Focus on the Family. She currently runs the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation, where, her son Erik is a vice president. The foundation has given lavishly to some of the marquee names of the Christian right. Between July 2003 and July 2006, the foundation gave at least $670,000 to the Family Research Council and $531,000 to Focus on the Family.

Both Edgar and Elsa have been affiliated with the Council for National Policy, the Christian conservative organization that has its meetings behind closed doors, and whose meetings have been attended by globalists Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Bremer, and whose membership is rumored to include the late Jerry Falwell, Ralph Reed and Dobson. The Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation gave the CNP $80,000 between July 2003 and July 2006.[2]

Presently, Erik Prince is living abroad in the United Arab Emirates, where he has been contracted to create a mercenary force.

Ecumenical Activity and Dominion Theology
Dr. Dobson and Charles Colson, highly regarded for promoting ecumenism, were two participants in a 2000 conference at the Vatican on the global economy's impact on families. During the conference, the two Protestants met with Pope John Paul II. Dobson later told Catholic News Service that though he has theological differences with Roman Catholicism, "when it comes to the family, there is far more agreement than disagreement, and with regard to moral issues from abortion to premarital sex, safe-sex ideology and homosexuality, I find more in common with Catholics than with some of my evangelical brothers and sisters."

In November 2009, Dobson signed an ecumenical statement known as the Manhattan Declaration calling on evangelicals, Catholics and Orthodox to stand together for family issues.[3]

James Dobson is a Nazarene, taking a vague position on eschatology. His organization, through Citizen Magazine, does display a Dominion Theology type of worldview that the Church will overcome evil through its social and political action.  Dobson is also noted by Texe Marrs as being a Christian Zionist, and he has used fear tactics while talking about Islam in America.

Dobson’s agenda implies that Christians are to confront the world system through efforts of social and political action - which is what Dominion Theology speaks to. When Christians believe they will succeed in the world system through psychological, social and political techniques, and through their own self-efforts, they have missed something essential. The Scriptures indicate the world will hate Christians and that our Kingdom is not of this world.[4]

Do I believe that James Dobson knows that he molds public opinion? Yes. Do I believe he will convince Christians to support US efforts in the Middle East to create order? Yes. Do I believe Dobson will use his voice that will convince Christians to go along with world government? Yes. He may longer be the Chairman of Focus, but he still has a voice.

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