Friday, January 14, 2011

Texe Marrs: Sarah Palin was Chosen by Zionist Billionaires in Israel

(YouTube link)

Texe Marrs, a professing Christian fundamentalist, has a discussion with Alex Jones concerning some of the moves being made in the name of religion. This is an old 2008 broadcast, but some good information is provided - especially about Sarah Palin.

The interview was supposed to be about Jesuits, but this discussion was a diversion. The points made were:
  • The Council on Foreign Relations is an aristocracy of the elite from all sectors of the country. The CFR has established a religious roundtable. Henry Kissinger was the Chairman at the taping of this interview.
  • The Pope has appointed Henry Kissinger as his political advisor.
  • Tony Blair has become Catholic so he can become the future political head of Europe. This is because the EU is a political Vatican body.
  • Rick Warren and Richard Land are part of Henry Kissinger's roundtable.
  • The Council for National Policy is heavily weighted to the Catholic side.
  • The 700 Club was originally Catholic.
  • Pro-illegal immigration groups belong to the CFR.
  • One of the objectives of CFR is to bankrupt the morality of all Christians.
  • Sarah Palin was chosen by Zionist billionaires in Israel before McCain even knew her name. Israel radio had a 2-hour special on Sarah Palin right after she was elected Governor of Alaska. They said that we have a pro-Zionist as Governor, and forecasted a great future for her. Sarah claims that she has a flag of Israel in her office. She was quoted as saying that she would never second guess the intentions of Israel. If Israel wants to go to war with Iran, then she would support the effort. (This is part of the Illuminati playbook. I am a supporter of the nation of Israel, but there are Freemasons in charge of their government.)
There are other parts to this video. Texe also discusses his Mysterious Monuments book, and some of the Illuminati symbolism in them.