Friday, January 14, 2011

Is the mystery of the dead birds and fish solved?

Following the unexplained deaths of several thousand birds over the last two weeks, events are now emerging that may offer a physics-based explanation for the mysterious deaths. It all begins on a runway in Tampa, where airport officials recently closed that runway in order to change the numeric designators painted there. 

Why are those numeric designators being changed? Because the Earth’s magnetic poles are shifting and the numbers previously painted on the runway no longer match up with the magnetic measurements of sensitive airplane instruments. [1]

As explains:
The primary runway at the airport is designated 18R/36L, which means the runway is aligned along 180 degrees from north (that is, due south) when approached from the north and 360 degrees from north when approached from the south. Now the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has requested the designation be changed to 19R/1L to account for the movement of the magnetic north pole.

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Timeline of Recent Bird, Fish Deaths
(NaturalNews) These are clear signs that something is wrong. Red flags from nature, if you will. Here's the timeline of recent deaths that have been reported:

12.13.10 - Thousands of dead barramundi fish wash up in Australia, unknown causes
12.15.10 - Thousands of dead fish wash ashore on Florida beach, blamed on cold weather
12.17.10 - Dead fish wash ashore at lake beach in Indiana, blamed on winter storms
12.18.10 - Thousands of dead fish turn up in bay in Philippines, unknown causes
12.22.10 - More than a hundred dead pelicans turn up in North Carolina, unknown causes

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